Africa Luminary

16th – 17th November 2015 – Nairobi, Kenya
Services provided: Organisational secretariat
No. of participants: 300

This is the first event organized by Meridiano Congress in Sub-Saharan Africa and it was dedicated exclusively to that region. On this occasion, Meridiano welcomed participants from all over the continent.



17th – 21st October – Baltimore, USA
Services provided: Delegations

An important event dedicated to reproductive medicine. Meridiano Congress accompanied the Italian delegation of Merck on this international meeting.

Regional Conference on Thyroid and Diabetes disorders management – LATAM

3rd – 4th July 2015 – Huatulco, Mexico
Services provided: Organisational secretariat
No. of participants: 400

The staff of Meridiano Congress organized in an exceptional location an important event for EXCEMED dedicated to the thyroid and diabetes. As organizational secretariat, it managed all the logistical and operational aspects of the event.


World Congress on Gastro Intestinal Cancer (WCGIC)

1st – 4th July – Barcelona, Spain
Services provided: Corporate event management
No. of participants: 400
Yet another highly successful adventure for Meridiano Congress staff, who passionately organized all on-site services on behalf of Merck Global.



5th September 2015 – Bangkok, Thailand
Services provided: Organisational secretariat
No. of participants: 150

The success of the Bangkok event carries the signature of Meridiano Congress. On that occasion, international experts specialised in Reproductive medicine were called to reveal the biggest innovations emerged during the most important annual ESHRE congress.