How the technology revolution will impact on meetings and event planners

While meeting planners have numerous wish list items for their ideal meeting venue, there is no mistaking that, it is crucial, when selecting a venue, to have a complete dominance of technology.

There is an increasing percentage of budgets dedicated to securing and implementing new technologies such as event apps, beacon technology to track traffic and attendance and video conferencing capabilities. The reliance on technology is only expected to increase in the next several years.

Now and well into the future, meeting planners will expect venues to have enough bandwidth to accommodate all of their delegates technological needs.

Objectives of all meeting planners should be to deliver what clients want and need for maximum productivity. How? Being able to select the right solution and setting up the “tomorrow’s meeting room”.



As shown in Figure 1 pillars of the “tomorrow’s meeting room” concept are, together with an high level of technology and communications facilities: collaboration, productivity, inspiration and creativity. This approach, envisioned by the brightest minds and companies in the industry, is the outcome of a study conducted by the IACC*.


As can be seen in Figure 4, the top three technologies implemented at meetings in the past five years are conference apps, social media campaigns and audience participation apps. With the use of new technologies also comes new concerns and security of data will become increasingly important.

Working on technology and digital creativity will be crucial to ensure top quality congress services in the future.

World is changing and with it the way to organize meetings and congresses, Meridiano Congress International is working hard to ensure the highest investment in technology to drive this change.

*Data and figures from IACC study “Predicting the meeting rooms and spaces of the future & improving meeting dynamics” (